custom server pack

Added by jemstar almost 5 years ago

I have a custom .pk3 loaded and works/looks great with Legacy client!!!

But If I join server with vanilla ET some of the images i.e camp_side.tga and usa_flag.tga appear upside down and back to front.

When I originally had this custom.pk3 on my nq server I had to rotate 180 and flip some images horizontally so would appear correct.

Is there any way to make images all appear correct regardless of et.exe being used? I assume not but as the standard install images appear correct ie without custom pack loaded usa_flag.tga and camp_side.tga look fine. I assume this is as clients use the images in their traditional pak0.pk3 which are correct for their versions.

Its no biggy I will just remove camp_side.tga from custom.pk3 and let the usa_flag.tga be upside down!!

But if their is some way to fix would be great!!!

Oh and strongly advise peeps to use legacy!!! That will fix it!!