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I’m wondering what was the point of replacing ET console with this (see attachments).

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RE: Console - Added by Radegast about 7 years ago

ET 2.60b system console was not replaced, it was removed completely. What you see before you is the good bad old Windows cmd.exe and it sucks as much as it always did. It doesn’t even receive any input as I see from your screenshot. I’ll look into it.

Under linux and under Mac (in the future) it looks like this:

morsik extended console colours and we ported a few other features from ioquake3 project, e.g. the console is now fully interactive even when ingame.

Of course, on Windows you have none of those features. We’ll probably have to bring the old 2.60b Windows-only ET console and extend it. You can create a bug report for this if you want. Otherwise, I’ll do it (unless I forget as I usually do)

etl_console.png (157 KB)


RE: Console - Added by TheDushan almost 7 years ago

It isnt problem to bring dedicated console to Windows. Whole code is already available there in order to get working console on Windows build with SDL. For Linux console, you can use Curses like I did with OpenWolf as you can see on attached picture

RE: Console - Added by IR4T4 almost 7 years ago

Hey Dushan ... it’s much appreciated if you solve this issue for ET:L Most devs here are on linux systems