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Added by lottin over 6 years ago

Hello everyone,

I use Linux with the open-source radeon driver and I have never been able to play ET at decent frame rates. Usually it gets as low as 6 to 20 fps in open spaces. I have a 4-core machine with an ATI Radeon HD 5670 video card, so I would expect to do a little better than that!

Using lower graphics quality settings doesn’t seem to have an impact at all on the frame rate. Even changing the resolution to 640x480 from 800x600 does not make any difference. I tried a lot of things and I have run out of ideas already. In all fairness, I think this is not an ET problem, but rather a driver problem, still it would be nice to know your opinion about this.


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RE: Performance issues - Added by IR4T4 over 6 years ago

Please attach the console print of start process. I don’t want to compare apples and pies here but if I use MESA drivers instead of nvidea supplied drivers I have a similar effect.
Did you try ATI drivers too?

RE: Performance issues - Added by Radegast over 6 years ago

lottin: I have the same graphics card as you and I also use open source radeon drivers on my Gentoo linux and ET:L works perfectly. First do as IR4T4 said and also try running "glxinfo | grep rendering" to see if the driver works at all. Also, try running ET:L in a windowed mode (./etl +set r_fullscreen 0)

RE: Performance issues - Added by lottin over 6 years ago

Okay, problem solved! The issue was caused by obsolete 32bit libraries. Debian provides a bundle of 32bit libraries to allow running 32bit software on 64bit systems. However this package (ia32-libs-i386) contains outdated versions of most libraries. This caused the bad performance, even though I did have HW acceleration. Also, I had to change the video mode manually using xrandr before running ET:L or I would get strange artifacts and flickering. Now I switched to "multiarch", which allows you to use actual packages from the 32bit distribution, and everything works like a charm. The video mode issue is gone and I am getting sustained 90fps in all maps. This using a 100% open-source graphics stack