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Added by Dragonji about 7 years ago

Hey guys, just wanted to ask one thing.

As you know original ET "sounds engine" (I don’t know how to call it properly ) isn’t so good. It doesn’t unload unused sounds, so with each map ET uses more and more com_soundmegs and at some point you have to restart the game or snd_reload (or *reset, I don’t remember) to make space for new sounds. I know ET:L uses SDL or something, but just wanted to ask if this "bug" is resolved in it?

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RE: Sounds "engine" - Added by Radegast about 7 years ago

I am not sure about this, but the old ET sound system is now hooked onto SDL and I think raedwulf/ilm/ioquake changed it so much that this issue was resolved somewhere in the process. I’ve never used ET 2.60b client, but I played for 2.5 hours straight with ET:L client several times and this never happened to me.

RE: Sounds "engine" - Added by Dragonji about 7 years ago

By "you have to" I mean "you have to do it if you want to keep best performance all the time"

RE: Sounds "engine" - Added by IR4T4 about 7 years ago

if you 'cache’ all sound with a good value of com_soundmegs there is best performance. Sounds are loaded on each map but the sound system doesn’t use more and more soundmegs. The differences here are caused by map sounds (no map has same sounds loaded). If you know a way to reproduce your bug just create a ticket.

RE: Sounds "engine" - Added by Dragonji about 7 years ago

Well, I’m saying what I noticed using /s_list, when I start the game and connect to my server s_list says only around 30MB of com_soundmegs are in use. But after x hours without restarting the game the same command says only 0.08MB from 160 are still free. I’m talking about ET 2.6b, not ET:L.

RE: Sounds "engine" - Added by IR4T4 about 7 years ago

Kind of strange only 30mb are used at start (connected). My client uses about 160mb all the time.

However we did fix a memory leak in the sound part of the code so I can imagine vanilla clients don’t work properly here.