Steam integration?

Added by v_do over 3 years ago

Hello, just wondering if there are any plans to integrate the Steamworks API (and eventually publish the game on Steam)?

I think that’s something that could definitely help boosting the popularity of the game, although I’m not exactly sure on what the legal implications of doing this are.

Aside from ease of discovery/distribution and updating, Steam has support for the implementation of the multiplayer backend, providing us with persistent accounts, match-making/lobbies and many more features. Maybe who knows, even integration with VAC?

If there’s any interest on pursuing this by the development team, I’d be willing to help out with the integration.

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RE: Steam integration? - Added by Spyhawk over 3 years ago

ET:L still uses the original, proprietary assets. We can’t put it on Steam without replacing all the assets with our original work. See #218 and the FAQ.