Anyone home?

Added by sib about 4 years ago

So i downloaded the Legacy version because i can’t find any servers by using default wolfenstein. But i only found 4 servers using Legacy and its all full of bots, are there any legitimate servers with people in it or is this game totally dead? I find it pretty disgusting people are keeping servers up with purely just bots on them, how are players suppose to find each other that way? Anyways i’m hoping someone can point me in the direction of some players on a server that isn’t that heavily modded.

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RE: Anyone home? - Added by Spyhawk about 4 years ago

There are hundreds of servers available, check that you aren’t filtering them out in the server browser.
Also, you might want to check your firewall if the game doesn’t seems to be able to receive the full servers list.

RE: Anyone home? - Added by sib about 4 years ago

Really? I mean i see hundreds of servers now but every server i’ve joined just only has bots thats under 115 ping. Do you have an IP address for a server?

RE: Anyone home? - Added by jemstar about 4 years ago

Servers can have bots at times and players at other times. The player pool for ET is shrinking, it is over 10 years old. It is NOT disgusting to have a server with bots. It means someone can join and play while waiting for others to join.

Trackbase’s serverlist lists servers with peeps in order of most populated then most recently populated. Probably the best way to find a server with players.