Interested by my CFG and DVD project ?

Added by Romarain over 2 years ago


How to present myself ? I’m an old Wolf:ET player, not the oldest neither a high skilled player (just a regular low/mid), and I’m totally anonymous in the community sphere.

Despite this human fact, I’ve been a huge lover of this game, especially because of three facts : first, I love the Quake3 engine since Q3:Arena, wich is for me one of the best game ever. I could talk about it for hours (and pages), especially the perfection of his physic engine mixed with the divine symbolic of his brutal FPS graphics wich reached the essence of immersion in a videogame. Secondly, I loved Wolfenstein Return To Castle when it has been released : I played it intensely, and I have to say that this Q3 engine derivative is for one of my most memorable experience in game, due to his incredible capacity to display graphical textures in a very coherent and tangible way. I really spent hours just to watch the graphics of both RTCW and ET, like an extraterrestrial nut. Thirdly, Wolf:ET is, for all the same reasons that you could yourself invoke, plus those I talked about, a perfect game (or almost). Me and one of my best friend do agree about this absolute fact. I could present him to you, if you will.

Now, let’s talk about my presence here.


After 3 years of intense playing, I decided to create a kind of "universal CFG". There was many player’s CFG around the web, and even programs dedicated to CFG creation, but not a real project. And in my mind, it was clear that everything has to be concetralized and combine to make an exhaustive file. At the time, I even contacted a guy who was doing something similar and who was affiliated to a team and a community website. He found my project interesting. However, many years past without I could finish this project, due to the high amount of "data" to process in my mind about this (it’s kind of a science ^^), and due to the files and folders literally flooding into the project’s directory !

I made a pause, then in 2014 I came back to the project and... finished it in 2015 ! Now, I can say that 99% of the work is achieved (and the last "1%" is a real "1%", not a canyon in wich "infinity itself can emerge again"). To be specific, the last part of the work is to finish batch files (.bat) who will make the installation a fingersnap !


Just at the same time I came back the the UCFG, I felt the need to compile all Wolf:ET resources. It was exhausting for me to uninstall/reinstall things, and to spread essential files (maps, etc) and goodies (wallpapers, various images/documents/links/etc) on my hard disks. More, I wanted to have a unique folder to centralize all these files and to facilitate CD or DVD burning and share this gold nugget with some fellows.

Moreover, I felt that there was a unique possibility to contribute to the maintaining of this game for eternity, by sharing this madness with the world. And by giving to this videogame a real physical support : because I was wondering why such a great game had just various .exe file distributed on the web, and not a classy housing ! If not enough, I found that all the vast quantity of maps has to be centralized ; and at the time, only one or two websites (the late was doing this job great, but without being truely exhaustive.



— contains all batches to deploy a few files in the right folders (autoexec, profiles files, etc).

— contains the CFG files who call the other CFG files (load.cfg), and files related to the mod played. Also, some files like "shortcuts.cfg" to quickly call UCFG functions.

— /gameplay/
—— What’s related to the same Wolf:ET original menu (view, ergonomy)
—— Class selector, Quickperks (a hand-made serie of classes’ functions like "quick deploy landmines", "quick revive", etc), Superfire (a serie of hand-made functions to improve the gameplay, like a dynamic sensitivity when firing, a dynamic zoom when firing, and various great improvments while using the mouse).
—— Sound files (hand-made functions to make special sounds when switching classes, or making movements like leaning, etc. NB : you can deactivate it !).
— /hud/
—— Boxes (all the popups at screens like fireteam, rewards, compass, time, fps-counter, etc),
—— Text (all text displayed at screen "you killed...", console, etc)
—— Althuds, etc
—— Functions related to console dumping, GUID recording, etc...
— /keyboard/
—— All wich is related to playing, to tweaking the HUD, to recording/screenshoting, to setting various parameters like soundvolume, etc.
—— A hand-made UCFG IN-GAME MENU that can be displayed in-game (throught the console) and who allow the player to modify settings directly ! Like graphics (I made 4 or 5 special graphic mods, like a Ultra, a Normal, or a "RETRO" mode with a cute pixel and blood-splatter rendering, or even a "Minecraft" one with the poorest and cartoonest graphics possible ! ). Or like all the hand-made function (Quickperks, Superfire, etc...), or the HUD, or... etc, etc... I implemented a maximum of settings into a F1 to F12 menu.
—– Twinkey : integration of a dual-function for keyboard keys ! (combination of a special key like CTRL, and any other key of the keyboard).
— /mouse/
—— All parameters and hand-made functions related to the mouse or the crosshair.
—— 3buttons and 4buttons bindings.
— /system/
—— General : misc settings that can’t enter in a specific theme.
—— Volume/gamma : hand-made functions to modify volume and gamma in-game.
—— Connection : two files to activate depending on the quality of your Internet connection (to use the max of it, or to lighten the load).
—— Audio
—— /video/
———— The basic file that contains global parameters for all the graphical mods.
———— And each file of all the different graphical mods I created.

Eveything is done with the taste of perfection and clarity, despite the high complexity of inter-dependencies from many files (I can garantee that all the special functions I created made me going crazy during months, due to the nuclear-chained reaction of all the files implied. But I won the fight.).
I think you would be impressed by the design of the work (some people had), and I hope you will be curious and would like to see a stable version of the UCFG. I won’t give it in attachment of this post : I prefer to directly talk to you on a private channel.

And all this pharaonic work just stands for now into 99 files stored in 17 folders !

DVD1 (~3.21Gio):

— Player’s famous CFG. I will ask antman if he’s ok for me to add his list of cfg in my project ( )
— The UCFG itself !
— /tools/ wich contains a few programs to validate CFG’s or help to create it by your own (if you want to).
— Tutorial folders with clear names, on different topics like "Bugs & Error messages", or "Create a server", or "Hitboxes" or "CVARS"...
— Damn good oldies found on the Internet since years ! Nostalgia here ! Images, Websites links or screenshots, and even this kind of stuff :
— game setups (linux, mac, windows)
— maps :
—— infos (Readme, objectives, command maps, etc)
—— pk3 (All the maps I found, with thumbnails. Actually, 211 items !)
—— scripts (autoexec & scripts & target locations found on antman’s website, waypoints, etc...)
— masterlist : a few help to update the game to help it to connect to actual servers.
— mods (etpro, noquarter, etc)
— punkbuster & ETkey (linux, mac, windows)
— sounds : various pk3 to tweak the game if you want... (I’m not sure if this folder will keep this name in the future...)
/Movie Making/
— cfg
— pk3
— tools
/ Server/
— bots
— campaigns : map rotation, etc...
— cfg (start-kit, normal, competition/league)
— ettv
— Misc programs like minimizers, stats parsers, etc...

DVD2 (~2Gio):

Many videos I found on the Internet, and sorted in a few folders like "Artistic", "FragMovies", "Legend", and "Wars" (competition podcasting).

So, now is my question : are you interested about all these stuffs, and is there the possibility to "combine" our respective projects or to add my UCFG and DVD to your website to promote it ?

I don’t have any repository, but it could be a matter of hours to upload them. Also, a friend of mine could help to create graphic identity for the DVD.