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Added by dgibbs almost 3 years ago

Hello all,

Some of you may of heard of LinuxGSM for managing game servers on Linux A couple months back I setup W:ET to work with LinuxGSM however I am very interested in getting ET:Legacy working with LinuxGSM as well. I am hoping that it will make it super easy for people to install and use ET:Legacy servers.

When installing a server with LinuxGSM if steam is not available it will normally just download a tar.bz2 file with all the required files. However in this case it might not be as simple. Since ET:Legacy is still being developed it would be difficult for LinuxGSM to keep ET:Legacy up to date as I cannot see an update option available. I found that CoD4x for example has an auto-updater built in to the server binary so there is no requirement for LinuxGSM to update.

I am not overly familiar with ET:Legacy so what I am looking for is for any recommendations/methods of installing ET:L ideally with just a tar.bz2 file and have it update if required.

Thank you

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RE: LinuxGSM for ET: Legacy - Added by Spyhawk almost 3 years ago

Hi dgibbs,

We currently have an update checker implemented on the client side (message in console and popup/message in the Legacy mod UI), as well as an updater implemented on the client and server sides. The updater must be manually triggered by the admin, using "/update".
We seemingly don’t have an update checker on the server side, but I guess that shouldn’t be hard to add. Not sure how LinuxGSM could make full use of it though.

Edit: we actually have an updater on the server side

RE: LinuxGSM for ET: Legacy - Added by dgibbs over 1 year ago

I have been looking around for how to use the updater but cant find any docs on this. Please could someone give me the commands to run the updater.

Thank you

RE: LinuxGSM for ET: Legacy - Added by IR4T4 over 1 year ago

Run "\update" on game console. Unfortunately there is no update available.

RE: LinuxGSM for ET: Legacy - Added by dgibbs over 1 year ago

Thanks thats what I needed to know