Anyone out there?

Added by Beelzehugs over 1 year ago

Wow i successfully traveled time ! i am now young again - playing my beloved wolfenstein 3D. but ALAS - the fabric of space time has somehow been terribly altered - the players have been replaced with mindless AI - we are now trapped in a simulation.

I must make my way to a server with real humans - so we may fight and survive together! if only i had a guide....HARK - may someone here my plea!

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RE: Anyone out there? - Added by heit1 over 1 year ago

Fear not, I’m here! I’d love to play again. Can get some family involved too. We need to put together play dates so that we can maximize the amount of real players online!

Good to meet you!

RE: Anyone out there? - Added by IR4T4 over 1 year ago

Let us know if you are missing a server for your intentions. Our game server is ready to go.

RE: Anyone out there? - Added by djAcetone over 1 year ago

I too have just returned ! i was wondering if the game still had players in it or what the story was. Loved playing ET when I was younger. Now I am on a Macbook, I tried installing the game but had some issues getting it to run.. I suppose ill look in the forums to find out how to get it to run but back to my original many people are actually playing Wolfenstein these days? Wolf: Legacy is it ?

Dj Acetone

RE: Anyone out there? - Added by N3rwitZ over 1 year ago

Ahoy DJA, .ess than decade ago, still strong the spirit. A lot people were consumed by new game market, to each their own. Others, that be us, per se the biggest veterans that are with ET since its inception, still battle it out day and night, back 2 back. You look up splatterladder for most regular servers. Only place we gather at discussions and so forth. Time ain’t over!!

RE: Anyone out there? - Added by Dildoid 5 months ago

I also would like to play again with real enemies not BOTS.

Regards Chris