Why Enable Bots?

Added by Enforcer about 1 year ago

Why are bots enabled? I wouldn’t have counted them as a part of the evolution of etpro - in any variation of the multiverse. So why?

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RE: Why Enable Bots? - Added by Dildoid 4 months ago

Hi Enforcer,

so this is also my main concern. Do you meanwhile know how to find running servers without bots?

regards Chris

RE: Why Enable Bots? - Added by Spyhawk 4 months ago

The server browser of our default mod display human players count. In the new 2.76 version (soon to be released, very shortly, we promise!), the server browser will also sort servers by human players count first.
This feature works only for etl run servers for now (which means all Legacy mod servers, plus the nq/silent/jaymod servers that run on etlded).

RE: Why Enable Bots? - Added by meinleben 3 months ago

Using the logic that players with a ping of >0 are not bots, your human prioritized filtering could be extended to non ET:L servers as well.

I feel one of the biggest barriers for return players or new comers to ET is finding a server populated with humans from a sea of hundreds that are not.

RE: Why Enable Bots? - Added by Spyhawk 3 months ago

Yes, that feature is in the to-do list already. Patch welcome