ET vs CounterStrike

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Am i the only one what is annoyed that CounterStrike gets all the press nowadays, when ET is and was clearly the better game?

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No, but these games are difficult to compare.
While in CounterStrike everything is about killing the opponent, ET is about completing an objective as a team, where the individual K/D isn’t the primary factor.
Success of games is always closely linked to the core community, which almost always is the competitive scene. The competition scene in ET is basically none existent anymore.
CounterStrike has received several successors over the years, perfectly balancing the old-school gameplay with the same gamemodes, but still modernize it.
ET is still in the same state as it was in way over 10 years ago, at least in regards to the competitive scene, because they don’t use ET: Legacy. Which supports the point above.

We get press, if we manage to boost the competitive scene. The competitive scene doesn’t want to switch to Legacy by themselves, so the only option we have is to host a tournament on Legacy and hope people will participate. We are currently not in a state where we can host a complete tournament. This makes it hard to attract press.

We are hoping, that the release of 2.76 will attract some interest and attention again. If everything goes well and there are no major problems, we can contact teamoxid. They have all the necessary experience of hosting a tournament. If we get their support, then yes, maybe we can attract some proper media attention towards ET: Legacy. If we don’t manage to acquire the interest of the competitive scene in the long run, ET: Legacy will not change much.

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The final nail in the coffin for for ET was when punk buster pulled its support. As a competitive player who once boasted being in the top 100 on splatter ladder I remember the moment hackers became a problem in almost every competitive/pub game towards the end. There was a feel that the game had been abandoned by the devs and so the players shortly followed. There was always however the expectation that something would come in its place, to fill a Wolf ET size whole that is very real for a very many peoples!
Then CoD came around and saturated the competitive fps market which really was the beginning of the end for competitive fps imo. The World War 1 & 2 games were relegated to the real life combat sims market, fast paced fps games were relegated to the cartoons market (Unreal engine, team fortress, Quake champions, Over-watch, law breakers, Tribes), the new 'World War next generation’ games created I have to say are the least imaginative/creative competitive genre I have ever experienced and the focus on equipment and RNG pretty much explains why ($_$+£_£+ €_€)

Is there any way to complete/speed up an anti-cheat platform on Legacy? a reboot quite simply will not survive without it.

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The problem with anti-cheat measures in Legacy is, that we are an open-source project.
That means that all steps we take are plainly obvious in the code, so all potential hackers exactly know how to work around them.
Presumably, this is the main reason why ETPro still remains closed source, even though their anti-cheat is terribly outdated already.

However, there are a few things planned, to make the life of server admins easier.
One of them being an authentication system proposed in #348
This way server admins could limit access to their servers to registered users. Regarding anti-cheat, this is surely helpful, because registering an account and possibly go through some sort of process set in place by the server admins is certainly way more inconvenient than simply changing your GUID. With an authentication system it would also be possible to ban players game-wide and prevent them from simply connecting to another server.

There has been discussions over here about using a machine learning approach to judge the performance of players.
Unfortunately, we haven’t heard of lrq3000 in a while.

As an open-source project the biggest thing we can do is give server admins as many helping hands as we can. We mostly rely on them.
Any measure we take is obvious in the code.

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I understand where your coming from regarding keeping the game portable and open source. This will ultimately increase the games longevity.
It may not actually be the mission of ET Legacy to revive the game completely, however if a revival was to happen it would take the formulation of 2 /4 missing elements from the days of yore

The two that still do exist are:
1. The game/source code developers (namely ET Legacy - as Splash Damage, id Software and Rockstar New England seem to have firmly left it to rot)
2. ?
3. ?

4. The players (and we are legion!)

The two that have dissolved are:

1. (see above)
2. The modders, the bots, the devs, (those who could use the source code to create a stable closed version of the game with the necessary anti cheat systems and agreed gameplay mechanics)
3. The hosts, the admin, the clans (as players we know them well. they are what everyone wants a piece of and who everyone wants to be)
4. (see above)

Now it could be argued that #3s doe still exists but its safe to say that #2s do not and without the formation of the 2nd group (formally ETpro) the #3s are limited to trying to create a play ground out of shards of glass instead of sand and no one wants to play in it.
A #3 group would need to have a firm grasp of modding the source code in order to create a registration system linked to the connecting of specially modded servers and clients. This is too much to ask of a clan leader or host imo (although they were most probably exactly the people who created ETpro)

It seems like a big job but who else can do it?
Create a closed mod with integrated registration and a waiting time for registration of 1 week and restrictions for setting up multiple profiles/servers from the same DNS address.

It wont solve all the problems but it would give serious players somewhere serious to play.

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Note a closed code is not a guarantee against cheating, it merely slows cheat creators.