Battalion 1944 - Thoughts?

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What are peoples thoughts on this?:

To me it sounds like hollow words/promises with very little reference to what made ET so great (apart from aesthetics). In face the whole thing seems to be about next gen graphics and a medal of honour style HUD, which only work for single player rpg style games imo (maybe coop at a push) . Then there is no reference to the game play besides the content of the play footage in the video, which leads me to think rigid, boxed in and disproportionately shaky camera - I mean when someone moves does their vision really bounce up and down and from side to side that much, or does the body and the mind compensate for the motion in order to steady the picture?
How can chickens get this more than devs?

I could rant and rant about this. Just seems like more of the same not quite getting it £_£ bs.

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RE: Battalion 1944 - Thoughts? - Added by Enforcer over 1 year ago

Actually now that I’ve watched it again the movement doesn’t seem that bad.

I hope they have objective based game modes.

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They plan on adding extensive modding support. Have a look in this forum section.
I like the ideas and mindset of the developers though, so there might be objective based game modes or even community mods. Who knows.
The base game however is more CS/CoD sided rather than ET.

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I wouldn’t have much hope in a game that doesn’t put objective based mode as a central part of the game.
It’s yet another CS/CoD clone.