True Combat: Elite playermodel error

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Marze is developing new playermodels to True Combat:Elite mod. He has ran on a problem with md3 models. Is this ET source code related problem on it could be TCE mod related? - first post on top(11 dec 2017)

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RE: True Combat: Elite palyermodel error - Added by IR4T4 almost 2 years ago

His problem is related to the engine (vanilla and etl). There is a limit of MAX_PART_MODELS = 5 but marze is using 7 parts.
See skinModel_t *models[MAX_PART_MODELS];

ETL is extended to print a warning and doesn’t process more than 5 parts. In vanilla there is no such limit check and the code might run into array out of bounds issues if more parts are used –> crash.

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But let’s increase the limit to 10 for example?

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MAX_PART_MODELS has been increased to 7.

I had to adjust the character files in Z_CQB_players_20171109.pk3:
'skinGroup’ and 'skinRoot’ aren’t valid vanilla keywords. After deleting both lines in all char files the pk3 loads fine.

Marze wrote:

2) Then came this error:
LOADING... - classes
^1ERROR: characters/temperate/axis/soldier.char, line 4: unknown token 'skinGroup'
ERROR: ERROR: CG_RegisterPlayerClasses: failed to load character file 'characters/temperate/axis/soldier.char' for the Axis Soldier
----- Server Shutdown -----

I solved commenting //md3_beltr in (tested on windows TCE/CQB + all tce maps + cqb_sample)

I don’t think he has to drop md3_beltr, the error is about the above keywords.

RE: True Combat: Elite playermodel error - Added by marze 10 months ago

Congratulations for the new release that looks very good.
I tested it with True Combat Elite, the FPS are excellent and no more MAX_PART_MODELS error with my packge Z_TCE_players_yyyymmdd.pk3.

Making the package with the new players models (Z_TCE_players_yyyymmdd.pk3) and the package with new first-view arms and weapons (Z_TCE_Viewarms_yyyymmdd.pk3) I realized the possible presence of some limit for the md3 files.
It is not clear if it’s a limit for single player or a md3 total limit but involves all the md3 and the animation frames (heads + arms) and appears when the map change. For this reason I was forced to use 4 custom heads x 100 animation frames each instead of 6 custom heads x 400 animation frames each.
If you are interested you can read some details on my blog/tce forum and I can share a package that generate the issue.


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Hi marze,

Thanks for the kind words. We’re also quite happy with the latest release and the 'soon’-to-be-released 2.77 will be another major milestone.
I’ve just had a look at your blog again and your models look fantastic. I know we had a talk about playermodels for ETL here already, but given all the development, we would be highly interested in having another chat regarding the possibility of having new playermodels in ET: Legacy.

If you are interested in that, we would be glad to welcome you on our Discord. (If you aren’t, we’d be glad to have you nonetheless^^)

RE: True Combat: Elite playermodel error - Added by marze 10 months ago

Thank you. We have already had a discussion about the license to use for ETL_players package.
Currently I don’t think that the ETL_players package is still mature and I’m going to spend more time on it in the near future. When it is complete and stable I will consider revising the license with which to distribute it.
Now I’m making new arms and is almost done. This week I was forced to add some extra polygons (even there may be problems due to the limits I mentioned earlier) because in TCE/CQB when you aim the arms are really close to the camera and they were too rough. As soon as they are stable and solid, I will release a test package TCE/ETL_viewarms_ and the source under a creative common license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). I think that this kind of license can be fine for the ETLegacy team and the source can help anyone who wants to contribute to the ETLegacy project (and all ET mods).
I’m afraid there will be a lot to do and fix to the arms and weapons models/texture. Maybe also a few tweaks to the code because in my opinion the management system of weapons and accessories in ET is too rough and should be made much more scalable and flexible.

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That’s good to hear. Keep up the great work. CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 is a great license indeed, it still gives you all the credits, even for modified versions, but it allows for a bit more freedom.
Regarding the last sentence, @aranud was very busy for 2.76 with a "general rework of weapon code", which indeed makes the entire system more flexible, but Aranud would be better at explaining it.
If you need anything in the meantime, feel free to let us know on Discord or simply post here.
Thank you for your support.