True Combat: Elite playermodel error

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Marze is developing new playermodels to True Combat:Elite mod. He has ran on a problem with md3 models. Is this ET source code related problem on it could be TCE mod related? - first post on top(11 dec 2017)

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RE: True Combat: Elite palyermodel error - Added by IR4T4 about 1 month ago

His problem is related to the engine (vanilla and etl). There is a limit of MAX_PART_MODELS = 5 but marze is using 7 parts.
See skinModel_t *models[MAX_PART_MODELS];

ETL is extended to print a warning and doesn’t process more than 5 parts. In vanilla there is no such limit check and the code might run into array out of bounds issues if more parts are used –> crash.

RE: True Combat: Elite playermodel error - Added by yks 23 days ago

But let’s increase the limit to 10 for example?

RE: True Combat: Elite playermodel error - Added by IR4T4 21 days ago

MAX_PART_MODELS has been increased to 7.

I had to adjust the character files in Z_CQB_players_20171109.pk3:
'skinGroup’ and 'skinRoot’ aren’t valid vanilla keywords. After deleting both lines in all char files the pk3 loads fine.

Marze wrote:

2) Then came this error:
LOADING... - classes
^1ERROR: characters/temperate/axis/soldier.char, line 4: unknown token 'skinGroup'
ERROR: ERROR: CG_RegisterPlayerClasses: failed to load character file 'characters/temperate/axis/soldier.char' for the Axis Soldier
----- Server Shutdown -----

I solved commenting //md3_beltr in (tested on windows TCE/CQB + all tce maps + cqb_sample)

I don’t think he has to drop md3_beltr, the error is about the above keywords.