Local Host Server

Added by Raner about 1 year ago

Hi all...
I’m tweaking my "Local Host Server" to my liking for practice.
I made a cfg and added exec command line to my autoexec.cfg.
I added the following cvars to the cfg I made:
seta g_dropHealth 5
seta g_dropAmmo 5
I also added an echo line to the bottom of the cfg and it is loading.
I can see it’s loading when I check the console.
I got the following cvars to execute:
seta g_dropHealth 5
seta g_dropAmmo 5
Now, this the reason for my post...
Is there a way to get the following cvars to execute.
If so, What would be the values needed to replace the question marks on the cvar’s below:
seta g_packDistance "?"
seta g_tossDistance "?"
seta g_ammoCabinetTime "?"
seta g_healthCabinetTime "?"
seta g_staminaRecharge "?"
I can’t find no information on ET Legacy wiki for this cvar’s...
Thanks, for any info you can provide...

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RE: Local Host Server - Added by IR4T4 about 1 year ago

There is no info about because these cvars are not implemented/available in legacy.