Return of the noob

Added by diss 11 months ago

Ahoy mofo’s, like a lot of you guys i played this game TO DEATH - almost ruined my relationship with the missus because of it. This was the last real game i played clan-wise, it was pretty much perfect. I played for several clans, the first being fRaG*ET then one.soldier(briefly) r4 et(r4ngers - agian briefly) and then captained fRagurself (sponsored by Fragurself LAN company in Manchester).
Then all of a sudden i stopped play FPS and found myself hunting down rebel scum in Staw Wars Galaxies or casting spells on random nerds in WoW - but i still loved this game, and it has often come up when reminiscing about the "Good Old Days".

Then out of the blue a mate told me about this - so this weekend was devoted to trying to get ET:L to run ..

Sorted after a painful day or two of installing/uninstalling/re-installing config tweaking and swearing.

I downgraded pc’s years ago and now have a laptop and struggled to get anywhere near a stable FPS even indoors, i was getting at best 40fps and it bottomed out at 5fps......
In the end i cracked open my laptop and got a can of compressed air and blasted several years of shite from the gfx fan, put it back together and now i sit at a constant 76fps - cant quite manage to cap it at 125fps..

To those that have similar problems on a notebook/laptop CLEAN YOUR FANS LOL..!!!

Had some good games playing ET again, my ping has been a bit naff letting me down but really enjoyed it.

I just want to give a MASSIVE thank you to the guys n girls behind this version, so many good memories and so many good time will be had because of this

Cheers fRaG*d1ss