Bot aiming like a cheater :(

Added by 0oNT21o0 6 months ago

Hi, me and my friends are playing on ET:L on the new version and we have noticed that the bots have a aim of a cheater, let me explain...

When I die, in the spectator mode, I see, when the enemies are aiming, it’s as if the bots have a dot on our face and shooting just this dot.

Would there be a way to remove that in the configuration, somewhere ?

Sorry for my bad english, im french.

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RE: Bot aiming like a cheater :( - Added by Timothy 6 months ago

Hi 0oNT21o0,

You can change the skills of the bots using the voting or referee options in the game. It is also possible to change this from the config using the following commands:

/bot difficulty
  Sets the bots difficulty
  0 = easy, 4 = default, 6 = hard, -1 = random
/bot moveskill
  Combat Difficulty, sets persistent combat movement difficulty
  0 = off, 1 = easy, 2 = medium, 3 = hard, 4 = random

Taken from the official Omni-bot website.

Hopefully you’ll be able to sort it out If not, let us know.