official Legacy Server

Added by RedDwarf 11 months ago

first of all, thanks for the admin rating on the server.
secondly, not all maps are available for client download, one map in particular, dingenskurshen..or similar sounding. Peeps disconnect ne’er to return.
Thirdly: The bots on the server are all aimbots.

niggles: no spree records for any of the maps, however on a plus point, map votes are counted and stored.
XP save, don’t care about that either, however, TM server became popular because everyone had level 4 skills in everything....just saying.

Thanxs for reading.

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RE: official Legacy Server - Added by Spyhawk 11 months ago

Thanks for feedback!

We’ll look into these issues... in the meantime, we’ve lowered the bot difficulty to "3" (was "4" before) on the server as well as in our default config for 2.77.
Some of us (aka "I") heavily dislike sprees, so it is disabled on the official server, but WolfAdmin allows to set them easily on any custom server.