Castle Eltz underground crashes....

Added by anotherwhiner 9 months ago

I love ET Legacy!!

That said, in the past couple of weeks an interesting thing has developed. I play a Silent mod server quit a bit. The Eltz map used to work fine and still works fine as long as I stay above ground. The moment I enter below ground level the game crashes me back to my desktop. No warning. No error messages. Even had server admins follow me to see what happens. They said it just looks like I disconnect. No other console entries. You’re such a bright bunch over here that I thought I’d see if you had any ideas as to why this might be happening. I have attached my sys specs.....

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Castle Eltz underground crashes.... - Added by keMoN 9 months ago

I can’t reproduce that on devmap.
Could you tell us exactly what you are doing?
There are several ways to get underground. Does that happen only at one, multiple or all of them?
Does that only happen on silent mod, online or also local for you?

Could you start your game with /logfile 2 and repeat the steps until you crash. There should now be a crashlog in your user/documents/ETLegacy directory. Maybe that gives us more information as well.

RE: Castle Eltz underground crashes.... - Added by RaFaL 9 months ago

In my case this map does not even load
Here is a reason why

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