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Hey there, i finally just managed to create an account here, with my username annoyingly without a space.

But now there is something i need to bring to light.

on the "master" branch of the ET Legacy Source code under /etmain/ui/

i find the "ADD TO FAVORITES" Button to be unnecessary since it already exists under "SERVER INFO" (, especially the text looks messy and out-of-place compared to the rest of the menu.

My suggestion would be to remove this button from so the menu as a whole is cleaner and more uniform.

side note: the "LIMBO MENU" button should be put directly above the "DISCONNECT" button, it’s a much better spot for it. (matches noquarter too!)

The file that has my stated changes is attached below.

- Ets|PsycoPappy 4

EDIT: also crap, i forgot that this is "General Discussion" lol... (2.3 KB)

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