Raspberry Pi & ARM CPU

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I love this project! Thx for keeping ET alive ! I’m a fan of raspberry Pi computer, and i was wondering is it possible to run/install/compile ET:L for ARM structure ? I tried but got tangled in dependecy’s and more, maybe here there could be a quick NO, or a slower Yes so here goes : is it possible to compile and install ET:L on a linux, ARM cpu ?



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RE: Raspberry Pi & ARM CPU - Added by morsik over 6 years ago

I compiled it for Raspberry PI (without client), server works slow, and file checksum is generated wrongly, so it’s impossible to connect to it from PC (the same pk3 file downloads all the time...). Need to fix that first to do further tests.

RE: Raspberry Pi & ARM CPU - Added by svennd over 6 years ago

a great, onwards to search

RE: Raspberry Pi & ARM CPU - Added by Dragonji about 6 years ago

I am wondering how would dedicated server work on Android smartphones. Most of them have got 1GHz+ CPUs and 512MB of RAM or more. Hosting some small server for friends should be possible IMO and such "server" wouldn’t need much energy so it would be environmentally friendly

But as ET needs dedicated files for every architecture (x86, x64 etc) it would be problematic and by problematic I mean mod pk3s which would be pretty big if they contained files for x architectures. Reviving Quake Virtual Machine is an idea but can cause some issues too.