cg_drawWeaponIconFlash - totally remove stock option and use etpro style instead?

Added by Spyhawk over 6 years ago

That’s indeed a minor issue, but while checking some UI element, I’ve seen the cg_drawWeaponIconFlash 2 option is not easily available (ui needs to be fixed).
The option cg_drawWeaponIconFlash enable flashing of weapon icon on certain events ( firing, reloading, etc).

Before fixing the UI, I was wondering if that option shouldn’t be altered in the code instead. The option available currently are

0 - disabled
1 - enabled (default) – etmain style. Yellow icon, and Red icon while firing
2 - ETPro style – etpro style. White icon, yellow while switching or reloading weapon, red while firing.

It seems to me that option 1 is a dumbed down, useless and quite redundant option 2. Shall we totally remove it and use etpro style by default instead?
I cannot imagine someone preferring using 1 instead of 2...

Your opinion?