New ET: Legacy renderer assets

Added by marze over 6 years ago

Hello, I read that you are recruiting 2D/3D artists.
Some time ago, I started to experiment idtech 3 engine (for the mod True Combat:CQB), as you can read in my last post (
Currently, I’m redoing the player models and all the animations, but it’s a thing that takes a long time.
What about to write a road map or a wish list on 2d/3d? Maybe, I can contribute a little to the creation of ET Legacy.


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RE: New ET: Legacy renderer assets - Added by Jacker over 6 years ago

Hello, and welcome to the site.
I’m glad to hear that you would be interested in helping us make the game better. At the moment we haven’t yet compiled a list of assets that we would like to replace, but in essence all the player and weapon models are on the top of the list.

- Player body models & textures
- Player head model & textures
- Weapon models & textures

- Drop able items and objective models & textures

Many smaller things such as hud icons need to replaced as well in the future.

Radegast and IR4T4 will certainly have some more ideas.

If you are an IRC user come to the channel to chat (#etlegacy at freenode)

RE: New ET: Legacy renderer assets - Added by IR4T4 over 6 years ago

Ciao marze,
actually we didn’t write a roadmap or wish list because of missing artists Be an IRC user and let’s talk about