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First of all congratulation for the project, I would like to know at what point is the situation regarding the anticheat..

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RE: Anticheat - Added by Radegast almost 6 years ago

Hi usu,

we currently have antiwallhack protection and Auth system is planned for the next stable version (2.72).

RE: Anticheat - Added by Dragonji almost 6 years ago

No way to have any decent open source anticheat.

RE: Anticheat - Added by Spyhawk almost 6 years ago

Dragonji wrote:

No way to have any decent open source anticheat.

... but you still can make the situation better.

RE: Anticheat - Added by Jacker almost 6 years ago

In essence there really is no bullet proof way to of stopping cheaters. What we CAN do is to make as difficult as possible for the cheaters to get the edge on games (anti wallhack) and making the auth system makes it possible to effectively ban people. Systems such as anti aimbot or an aimbot detection system is not currently on the works but I have done some research on it if it could be done effectively, and so far I haven’t really come a cross a really good way of doing it other than manually checking demos of the game.