Vorbis codec

Added by RaFaL about 7 years ago

I just want to ask is vorbis allowing us to make soundpacks with .ogg files instead of .wav’s ?
And if I download dev packages of vorbisogg and vorbislibs do I need to edit CMakeFiles.txt ?

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RE: Vorbis codec - Added by TheDushan about 7 years ago

You can use OGG sounds without problems inside ETLegacy.

RE: Vorbis codec - Added by IR4T4 about 7 years ago

... but only inside ... the thing is only ET:L clients support OGG sounds. As long as 'genuine’ clients do connect to the server it’s pretty useless. They have to download the sounds and finally they are not able to use these sounds

A bit out of topic but I’m getting more and more convinced it’s time for a new fork: Change the protocol and do a non compatible 2.60 Legacy → use the mod code see #72, drop the old 2.55 conflict, use new features like OGG, include 64bit & aros builds in the pk3 etc ... independence is a keyword here.