ET Legacy for Mac

Added by Naron_Bashorr over 5 years ago

I can’t run ET on my MB Pro because it doesn’t support PowerPC App’s anymore. Someone sent me to here but it seems that there isn’t a version for the iOs yet ? Or did I just overlook something ?

Thanks in advance !

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RE: ET Legacy for Mac - Added by Spyhawk over 5 years ago

No, there’s no PPC version of ET:Legacy as of now. Maybe in the future, but I certainly wouldn’t vouch for it - Let’s face it - PPC is a dead end, and also current developers don’t have a machine to develop a compatible version either.

RE: ET Legacy for Mac - Added by IR4T4 over 5 years ago

There is a pull request on github for osx ppc 10.4-10.5 so we might support ppc soon.