ETLegacy server docker image

Added by spooz over 1 year ago

I created docker image to run ETLegacy server:

Give some feedback. Thinking about a good way to let user choose server maps....

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RE: ETLegacy server docker image - Added by DanShrader 15 days ago

Hi spooz,

First off sorry for digging up an old thread.

I’ve been running your docker image (modified a little) on a Digital Ocean droplet for a few days now and it runs awesome.

I went to upgrade it to 2.76 and have been getting all sorts of issues. Mainly related to to the tar file seeming like it is corrupt. I even tried running the regular download script on both ubuntu 14.04 and 18.04 - getting a "Problem unpacking the etlegacy-v2.76-i386" error.

Any thoughts?

RE: ETLegacy server docker image - Added by DanShrader 12 days ago

Got it to work, and now working on getting a way to pass the "light" stuff into the image. Thinking maps, configs etc. through an additional repo which can be passed through as an environmental variable. Here’s what I changed if anyone else is looking:

RUN wget -O etlegacy-v2.76-x86_64.tar.gz \
&& tar -xzf etlegacy-v2.76-x86_64.tar.gz && rm -f etlegacy-v2.76-x86_64.tar.gz \
&& mv etlegacy-v2.76-x86_64 $ETL_PATH


Essentially I was messing with the 32 bit files instead of the 64

If I get it working 100% with the configs I’ll file a pull request.