ET error loading map

Added by XTR 6 months ago

Every map I try to play gets me the same error:

Disconnected from server.

Server file name
"***.pk3" is containing an invalid character for for the ET: Legacy file structure.

Downloading file denied.

I ge this one since i’ve updated to the new version, before that there were no problems.

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RE: ET error loading map - Added by meinleben 6 months ago

Same experience. 2.76 doesn’t like a tilde character in the server’s filenames. 2.75 works fine.

RE: ET error loading map - Added by meinleben 6 months ago

Developers, can this be submitted as a bug or is it working as intended?

Since filenames with tilde are not a problem for ET:L 2.75 and earlier, and also apparently work in vanilla ET, I wonder if it is necessary to implement this limitation into 2.76. This breaks client compatibility with ET servers that have been running/configured long before the ET:L 2.76 release. As it stands, users must choose between ET:L 2.76 client or their favorite server(s).

RE: ET error loading map - Added by Spyhawk 6 months ago

An alternative system is being implemented.

RE: ET error loading map - Added by pitouche 4 months ago

If an alternative system is being implemented, why until it’s ready keep compatibility ?

btw, the code that prevent downloading files with "~" inside is "if ([i] ⇐ 31 ||[i] >= 123)"

"~" is 126 in the ascii table.

Seriously guys, this kind of filtering will endup in "if ([i] ⇐ 31 ||[i] >= 31)" ... and no files will be downloaded anymore.

The main culprit, is the broken compatibility, whoever you are, don’t become dictators, just don’t modify something with something that breaks everything and solve nothing.

The introduction of this filtering dates back to Sun Dec 20 05:32:56 2015 +0100 commit 94f64119bf3115d8d300ca99025592703dd5df68

Don’t says "An alternative system is being implemented." since 3years and 4 month, no, this thing has been left broken since almost 4 years, has landed in main source, been compiled, and now the only solution to use your source, is to patch and compile it with our own tools, to get rid of this half implemented and abandoned solution.

Please, step back on this filtering, history show us that nothing will happen or just step time until something happen to the alternative system

RE: ET error loading map - Added by Spyhawk 4 months ago

This is an open source project, with a few volunteers that give their free time to provide a software that is free of charge.

Don’t be yet another complainer that just want to complain. Feel free to join us and make things happen - maybe you’ll realize how much work is needed to make a release (the roadmap is clear, and the system to be implemented is well defined). If you just want to complain without giving your help, free time, and actually exchange your play time for doing the work - honestly I’ll happily tell you to go buy the last AAA FPS title and never come back. You, sir, truly don’t deserve our time.

RE: ET error loading map - Added by pitouche 4 months ago

I understand.

I will start another thread, on which i will ask some questions and see if/how i can help in this project.

I am also very pleased by the good work you are doing overall and making this game live further.