How can I test 'demo_record <xx>' and 'demo_play <xx>' functionality (noob question)?

Added by leo9949 10 months ago

Hi all!

I’m new to this board so I’ll just introduce myself quickly.

I’m a coder, and I’m interested in quake3 engine.

How can I get demo_play to function properly?


1: Hosted a LAN server locally,
2: placed around 8 bots in the game
3: entered command 'rcon demo_record x’
( waited for around 1-2 minutes for the demo to record)
4: entered command 'rcon demo_stop’

For test purposes,
5: entered command 'rcon demo_play x’

but it just says Map smth... END of demo.. as soon as level’s loaded.

Am I doing something wrong here?

How can I playback what I’ve just recorded in-game?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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RE: How can I test 'demo_record <xx>' and 'demo_play <xx>' functionality (noob question)? - Added by kimi 10 months ago

demo_record command records server side demo which is a new feature of legacy server, its not properly documented yet and I dont even know if replaying those works (i couldnt quickly manage to replay them now)

but you can just record demo in client with record or autorecord or automatically using cg_autoAction 1 (Options → Game → Auto-action) then replay it through REPLAY menu or with demo command
when u are replaying client demo and you got cg_predefineddemokeys 1, you can press backspace to open demo control UI
client demo seeking is kinda buggy atm too

if you really want to replay server demos then someone else has to help you