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Added by bar over 6 years ago

I would like to ask you if it’s possible to change the default home path on FreeBSD.
The reason of that request is that one may want to run both the native and the linux version, and I’m not sure if it’s good to mix the contents, especially after that files get downloaded from different servers, as libraries compiled for different systems can not be mixed.
Can you evaluate the attached patch?

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RE: Home path on FreeBSD - Added by IR4T4 over 6 years ago

Sorry for the late reply ... well I’m not sure if that makes 100% sense. Configs and common downloads like maps, menus etc (assets) can be used/shared on both systems. Mod pk3s won’t run on FreeBSD because of missing bins but probably won’t hurt on BSD and these aren’t big files. If we do a different homepath for both you’ll have maps & configs twice for the same app (ET) on your HD. If you really want to see a separate homepath for BSD I will commit your patch. On the other hand it isn’t a big deal to change the homepath on start with +set fs_homepath "mypath".

RE: Home path on FreeBSD - Added by bar over 6 years ago

I know about the fact that config files and maps can be shared. My concern is about .so files, which I think will cause etl to crash, but I’m not sure if it’s likely to happens as scenario. So I agree with you, let’s skip it, at least for the moment.

I have another question: is it normal that librenderer_opengl1_i386.a is installed in INSTALL_DEFAULT_BINDIR? I can’t find this file in the linux binary tarball.

RE: Home path on FreeBSD - Added by IR4T4 over 6 years ago

The librenderer binaries are not part of the 2.71rc1 release that’s why you don’t find it in the download package. The external libs are a temporary development solution to switch between new and old renderer. The upcoming release will be done in the same way as you know it w/o external librenderer.

About the homepath issue:
I’ve had a look into q_plattform.h and I think we have a bigger task than just editing the homepath. I do assume <mod_bin>i386.so (Linux) is not <mod_bin>i386.so (FreeBSD)
So if you connect to a current online server the non native files are extracted into the homepath and trouble is granted - unfortunately our OS_STRING is not part of the ET file name convention of mod files

Maybe we can fix this with an exception in the serach path and extract code of your native compile. At least we can’t use the same file names.

RE: Home path on FreeBSD - Added by bar over 6 years ago

Sorry for the long delay.
I received a mail about the issue #381.
As I had a couple of HD failures, at the moment I can’t provide binaries for FreeBSD.
I hope I can do that on the next week.
I think that there is still the issue about the <mod_bin>i386.so files you described.
If you can send me a patch to fix the problem I will test it, else I’ll try to look at the code but I think that it will require more time.