Server XP Load Bug, sometimes need to /reconnect to "register"

Added by sadsfae almost 4 years ago

Hi folks,

– Environment –
I’m using the Lua XP save scripts here with 2.74/Linux x86_64 on CentOS 7.1 on the server.
Fedora 22 x86_64, ET:L 2.74 64bit.

– Bug –
Sometimes (1/3 times or so) when a map reloads, a player with saved experience carries over but their rank, skills and other attributes don’t "register". If you /reconnect as a saved XP client it works.

Normally when a player with saved XP joins ET:L will "promote" them in the game (sounds, announcements.. e.g. congratulations on your promotion to XX).
Lastly, as a strange side-note the voiceover/rank if you are Allies is the Axis voice, and vice-versa if you join as Axis you hear an allied voice.

I can reproduce this and add logs, I will work on this later after work but basically you just need to achieve some rank and then let the map restart (or trigger via /rcon vstr d1 etc.).

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RE: Server XP Load Bug, sometimes need to /reconnect to "register" - Added by RaFaL almost 4 years ago

I think this issue is known the thing is it doesn’t shown on corectly on UI

RE: Server XP Load Bug, sometimes need to /reconnect to "register" - Added by jemstar almost 4 years ago

Yes since ETL upgraded to version 2.74 using lua 5.3, Zelly’s Zxpsave.lua is not working correctly/fully as is written in lua.5.1.

Raw xp saves sort of but not fully. And skills/awards are lost after the session..which is better than at end of map.

On my server I have set all class skills at 1, thus as soon as a player earns 1xp in a class they get lvl 4 for that class for the session of playing.

Until someone smarter than me can edit the zxpsave.lua this is the best solution at the moment afaik.