[Transifex] Desynced charsets?

Added by yfcz over 3 years ago


I’ve found there is difference how certain characters are shown in-game and on Transifex’s web.

E.g. this char is shown differently: —

Translation @ Transifex web: ^1Není spojení s Master serverem — nenalezeny servery. Celkem serverů: 0000
On attached screen you can see different character is rendered (some kind of cross) .

EDIT: ignore shot0000.jpg, accidentally on this screenshot console is covering mentioned translation. LOL. Translation can be seen on shot0001.jpg (it has red color)

shot0000.jpg (190 KB)

shot0001.jpg (175 KB)

Shot0000 Shot0001

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RE: [Transifex] Desynced charsets? - Added by redtide over 3 years ago

I’ve found some inconsitency too with in-game text representation: sometimes accented letters are displayed correctly, sometimes not, like there was some problem with font encoding (my translation uses UTF8).