Server-side demos: updates and merge

Added by lrq3000 over 2 years ago

Hey there,

I am the author of the server-side demo patch. I just noticed now that it was merged in ET-Legacy ( (and I just discovered ET-Legacy BTW), which I am very glad of since I loved ET

I just updated the patch to fix a few important things, the patch should be totally compatible with previously recorded demos, but should enhance both the recording and playback of new demos. I don’t know what version of the patch was merged, but if it was the latest (v0.9.9.5), then here are the list of only the new changes:

This version of the patch is considered v1.1.0, so it’s now stable!

BTW the patch was also submitted to ioq3:

I saw in the changelog:

That you guys also added a few new features/bugfixes of your own. I would be very interested in knowing the git commits pertaining to these changes, in order to merge them into my patch. I could also provide you a PR with the latest bugfixes I did, so that ET-Legacy can benefit from the latest changes I did

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RE: Server-side demos: updates and merge - Added by Spyhawk over 2 years ago

I actually missed this post. Will try to find the relevant info soon.

Reference: #278.

Edit: Here are all the relevant modifications done to the server demo code after the initial commit from February 2, 2014, which is based on v0.9.9.5 of your implementation.

  • none
q_msg.c: q_shared.h
  • none
  • none
server.h sv_ccmds.c sv_client.c sv_demo.c sv_demo_ext.c
  • none
  • none
sv_init.c sv_main.c
  • none
  • none