etnam + etl crashes

Added by etskate 12 months ago

what is this error ?
this is for our etnam server with System: (os.linux)ET Legacy v2.75 linux-i386 Sep 13 2016

Attempting to clean up. ==== ShutdownGame ====
—– Server Shutdown —–
Sending heartbeat to
Sending heartbeat to
^2– Script System Info –
^2Current Memory Usage 4.3763 MB
^2Soft Memory Usage 4.70967 MB
^2Hard Memory Limit 5.23297 MB
^2System Memory Usage 3.03371 MB
^2Full Collects 2
^2Inc Collects 1
^2GC Warnings 0
^2Threads: 7, 5 Running, 0 Blocked, 2 Sleeping ==== ShutdownGame ====
Sys_Exit warning - PID file doesn’t exist /home/xxxxxx/etnam/
Network shutdown.

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RE: etnam + etl crashes - Added by keMoN 12 months ago

This is related to Omnibot.
Thunder and TWT also run an ETNAM server and they used this version.
Give it a try, hopefully it works for you.

RE: etnam + etl crashes - Added by Spyhawk 12 months ago

You might want to test using the latest version. We won’t be able to assist you with older release.

With some delay (sorry, your message slipped through), you should ensure you use a compatible OB version according to thunder:

thunder: but she needs to use omni-bot that follows etnam mod
thunder: this have everything

Edit: grilled by kemon