Which editor for ETL

Added by Teuthis over 2 years ago

Is there a prefered version of the radiant for ETL mapping or even a package that installs the radiant along with the right texture packs? Also how does a map made for ETL play on the regular ET servers? I guess the texture dimensions will make that impossible, no?

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RE: Which editor for ETL - Added by keMoN over 2 years ago

There is no special map editor for Legacy. Right now the mapping process is exactly the same. There is a topic by thunder on how to set up GTK with Legacy:

If you use the high resolution textures in the map already, then you will indeed have trouble with texture dimensions of vanilla. That’s why at this point I didn’t include them in Frostbite and won’t include them in the first version(s) of Bergen. Once the textures are being shipped with Legacy, I’ll have to adjust that again. WuTangH on the other hand decided to directly use the high resolution textures in Radar and will wait with the release until the textures are shipped. It’s all up to personal preference.

It’s relatively clear that once the textures are shipped, that 2.60b servers (that want to use Legacy maps) need to put those packs into their etmain directory or otherwise the Legacy maps will look poorly for the vanilla users.