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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Parent task Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
1030ET: Legacy DevelopmentFeatureNewNormalchoosable FS_HOMEPATHthunder24.04.2017 15:43ET: Legacy Development - ALL

1029ET: Legacy DevelopmentTaskNewNormalMirror all R1 shaders in R2thunder22.04.2017 08:12GeneralET: Legacy Development - renderer2

1028ET: Legacy DevelopmentTaskNewLowClean out renderer codethunder17.04.2017 12:55GeneralET: Legacy Development - renderer2

1027ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewNormalFix/improve speed of painting game modelsIR4T412.04.2017 15:40ClientET: Legacy Development - renderer2

1026ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewNormalFix y-axis glitchIR4T412.04.2017 15:31ClientET: Legacy Development - renderer2

1025ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewImmediateSecurity files checkSpyhawk03.04.2017 15:02ClientET: Legacy Development - 2.76

1024ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugIn ProgressNormalSniper zoom is available even sniper isn't quippedSaukko01.04.2017 20:33Mod CGAMEET: Legacy Development - 2.76

1023ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugIn ProgressNormalLoading profile overwrites cvars / fix CVAR_ROM flagged cvars behaviourMateos01.04.2017 10:36ClientET: Legacy Development - 2.76

1021ET: Legacy DevelopmentFeatureNewNormalAdd real time player behavior analysisSpyhawk13.03.2017 00:53GeneralET: Legacy Development - 2.77

1018ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugConfirmedNormalPause feature exit the demoAranud20.03.2017 16:17ClientET: Legacy Development - 2.76

1015ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewHighSomething is wrong in code regarding specular renderer2thunder17.04.2017 12:53GeneralET: Legacy Development - renderer2

1013ET: Legacy DevelopmentFeatureNewLowAdd r_displayRefresh to the menusIR4T411.04.2017 14:56ClientET: Legacy Development - 2.77

1011ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewHighFails to load in fullscreen modeSpyhawk12.03.2017 14:32ClientET: Legacy Development - 2.76

1010ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewHighEngine db_mode 1 isn't accessible from mod and LuaSQLSpyhawk27.02.2017 18:59GeneralET: Legacy Development - 2.76

1009ET: Legacy DevelopmentFeatureNewNormalZoomed sniper sensitivitykimi22.02.2017 10:18Mod CGAMEET: Legacy Development - 2.77

1008ET: Legacy DevelopmentFeatureNewLowAdd in-game Skills And Rewards progression tableSpyhawk21.02.2017 12:48Mod CGAMEET: Legacy Development - 2.77

1005ModelToolFeatureNewNormalBlender file importthunder18.02.2017 17:30

1004ET: Legacy DevelopmentTaskFeedbackNormalfor compatibility with old renderer make renderer2 read from folder scripts2thunder12.04.2017 20:40ClientET: Legacy Development - renderer2

1003ET: Legacy DevelopmentFeatureNewNormalAdd Objective Indicators to the HUDbelst10.04.2017 16:39Mod CGAMEET: Legacy Development - 2.77

1002ET: Legacy DevelopmentTaskTask #218NewNormalfix alpha channel for rank iconskeMoNkeMoN16.02.2017 15:20GeneralET: Legacy Development - ALL

1001ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewNormalEnd of game stats not always displayed in consoleSpyhawk16.02.2017 20:55Mod genericET: Legacy Development - 2.76

1000ET: Legacy DevelopmentFeatureNewNormalModernize HUDSpyhawk10.04.2017 16:42Mod CGAMEET: Legacy Development - 2.77

992ET: Legacy DevelopmentTaskTask #218NewNormaladd missing textures for existing shaderskeMoNkeMoN18.03.2017 16:09GeneralET: Legacy Development - ALL

987ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugFeedbackImmediateServer crashSpyhawk06.02.2017 11:54ServerET: Legacy Development - 2.76

983ET: Legacy DevelopmentFeatureNewNormalSpotting disguised enemies with binocs keMoNSpyhawk18.02.2017 18:33Mod genericET: Legacy Development - 2.76

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