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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Parent task Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
1056ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewHighCan't load ui_mp_x86.dll because of spaces/accents on user folder on windows 10lixoaqui23.08.2017 17:57Client

1053ModelToolBugIn ProgressImmediateAbillity to rotate tags one by onethunder06.08.2017 22:06

1052ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewLowDoor texture problem on Erdenberg_b2 mapartium24.07.2017 13:33ET: Legacy Development - renderer2

1050ET: Legacy DevelopmentFeatureNewLowAllow filtering server by nameartium22.07.2017 19:35Mod UIET: Legacy Development - 2.77

1049ET: Legacy DevelopmentFeatureNewNormalBetter favourites displayartium22.07.2017 22:25Mod UIET: Legacy Development - 2.77

1046ET: Legacy DevelopmentFeatureNewNormaldeeper quick-chat implementationkeMoN01.08.2017 15:45Mod genericET: Legacy Development - 2.76

1045ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewNormalLower clouds speed IR4T408.08.2017 17:22ClientET: Legacy Development - renderer2

1044ET: Legacy DevelopmentFeatureNewLowImplement a servername search-bar in the 'Play Online' menukeMoN29.06.2017 20:17Mod UIET: Legacy Development - 2.77

1042ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewNormalSetting custom resolution has several side effectsIR4T417.06.2017 14:29ClientET: Legacy Development - renderer2

1040Lua scripts for the Legacy modBugNewUrgentlua script doesnt work on a no quarter legacy serverNiekIR4T413.08.2017 10:52Lua scripts

1039ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewNormalCrashing after map selection on Windows 10AdAstrum30.05.2017 16:00GeneralET: Legacy Development - 2.76

1038ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewNormalFueldump buildingsjakbu29.05.2017 08:07GeneralET: Legacy Development - ALL

1035ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewNormalWhen compiling error in libs\curl\libcurl.libOdal15.05.2017 22:28GeneralET: Legacy Development - 2.76

1034ET: Legacy DevelopmentFeatureNewNormalmaking modelscale work when you are using model on doorthunder06.05.2017 17:26ET: Legacy Development - renderer2

1033ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewNormalDot product (alphablending) doesnt work in R2thunder03.05.2017 17:01ET: Legacy Development - renderer2

1031ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewNormalUnable to build on OSXcminion29.04.2017 22:06ET: Legacy Development - 2.76

1030ET: Legacy DevelopmentTaskNewNormalInspect GTKRadiant to work with ETLthunderthunder29.06.2017 20:11ET: Legacy Development - 2.77

1029ET: Legacy DevelopmentTaskNewNormalMirror all R1 shaders in R2thunder22.04.2017 08:12GeneralET: Legacy Development - renderer2

1028ET: Legacy DevelopmentTaskNewLowClean out renderer codethunder17.04.2017 12:55GeneralET: Legacy Development - renderer2

1027ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewNormalFix/improve speed of painting game modelsIR4T412.04.2017 15:40ClientET: Legacy Development - renderer2

1026ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewLowFix y-axis glitchIR4T417.06.2017 13:12ClientET: Legacy Development - renderer2

1025ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugNewImmediateSecurity files checkSpyhawkIR4T402.07.2017 12:10ClientET: Legacy Development - 2.76

1024ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugConfirmedNormalSniper zoom is available even sniper isn't quippedSaukko02.07.2017 12:14Mod CGAMEET: Legacy Development - 2.76

1023ET: Legacy DevelopmentBugIn ProgressNormalLoading profile overwrites cvars / fix CVAR_ROM flagged cvars behaviourMateos01.04.2017 10:36ClientET: Legacy Development - 2.76

1021ET: Legacy DevelopmentFeatureNewNormalAdd real time player behavior analysisSpyhawk13.03.2017 00:53GeneralET: Legacy Development - 2.77

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