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Clean console output format

Added by Spyhawk about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Target version:2.78
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The console output is done through a few functions, but the current format used is a complete mess.

For example:
  • Com_Printf(S_COLOR_RED "ERROR: invalid char in name of file '%s’.\n", d→d_name);
  • Com_Printf("^2*** '%s’ ***\n", name);
  • Com_Error(ERR_FATAL, "FreeWinding: freed a freed winding");
  • Ren_Warning("RE_RegisterSkin WARNING: empty name passed to RE_RegisterSkin\n");

Look at CL_RefPrintf() in cl_main.c... this should be used everywhere!

  • colour code is used (red for error, yellow for warning, green for important messages)
  • function name is indicated

Define a coherent format to be used, and apply everywhere. Start with the engine code.

Associated revisions

Revision 4d67387f
Added by Spyhawk about 2 years ago

general: initialize color console early, refs #1070

Revision 9cfce9a9
Added by Spyhawk about 2 years ago

mod: colored modules version strings, refs #1070


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