Feature #1083

renderer2: get in real map values from bsp

Added by thunder about 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Target version:renderer2
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In tr_bsp
We have void R_LoadLights (char * lightDefs)
Here are a lot of things read from the bsp file when it comes to light.
Part of things do not belong to ET.
but can be introduced later.

but if we look at
We see what’s right and what’s not + chance to get something more right

Also ambient is a problem in Q3 overall since we in the map both put color and strength.
ET has a fixed solution for this in R1. In R2, it’s just set.

Zturtleman has some opinions about this split here:


I mean we can get this in with an extra cvar called eg ambientstrenght in tr_global or in trRefLight_t.
All this must be inspected

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Associated revisions

Revision 2d4bf7db
Added by IR4T4 about 2 years ago

renderer2: good day ambient lighting fixes #1082

- added a scale factor for ambient lighting in entity renderer - based
on a patch by Thunder

- disabled r_forceAmbient so we are using world ambient lighting ^^
refs #1083

- set r_normalmapping and r_materialscan cvars to better values (users
require additional assets which are not shipped)


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I know its web gl but it isnt that far away so we still can learn something

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