Bug #1098

Big servertime servers make movers to lag

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Server with big uptime(>2w) starting to behave quite weird: movers(bobbing, rotation, etc) start warping around, this also affects player blob shadows, that start to blink rather being steady. This is a known old etmain (my assumption) bug.

Several examples:
Laggy antena
Moving platforms is rather hard to jump:

Movers using splines seems to be unaffected.

How to reproduce?
Force `svs.time` to something like `1604061984` or any other value that is close to 2 billions (limit).

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Related to ET: Legacy Development - Bug #248: Flame shader bug New 16.03.2013


#1 Updated by ryven over 1 year ago

It should also, presumably, affect shader animations like texture scroll, but it’s not reproducible by simple svs.time increase (something else should also be increased, i guess, to match the real behavior):
This is recorded on 260b real server, that run without a restart for longer than 2 weeks, it should also affect etlegacy, i believe:

#2 Updated by ryven over 1 year ago

Alright me and Aciz did some more detailed review on what is actually affected by bigger servertime and what is not, we have tried to simulate the actual behavior using timescale 1000 to get big enough servertime value on a real server.
So far we have noticed that on the server, that was up for 500k million milliseconds which is just about 4-5 days of the work, several things start to lag, the bigger the server time value, the bigger lag effect on things is. We have figured out that movers - splined or scripted(setrotate), func_door and roq video files are not affected, however, a lot of other things are. The uptime for 18days brings a significant inconvenience to the gameplay:

Sure, all servers should restart as often as possible, but not all admins bother to. A lot of trickjump servers, for instance, are not restarted for weeks, until engine does it automatically(once servetime will reach its limit), this makes a lot of moving platforms unusable.

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