Bug #1102

movement glitch underneath Railgun cranes

Added by keMoN over 1 year ago.

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Target version:2.78
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When moving underneath the cranes in Railgun there is a weird stutter glitch, which is more obvious when jumping.
In the mapfile the only thing that is drawing attention is the misc_beam entity which is the rope of the crane. Personally, I have no experience with that entity and have also never seen it before, so my only guess is, that the movement glitch is related to the misc_beam entity.


The setup is the following:
We have crane2_hook which is a script_mover and only the hook.
Then there is crane2 which is also a script_mover and the sled everything is mounted on.
The connection is a misc_beam entity which has message/crane2 and target/crane2_hook as key/value pairs and the rope as shader.

misc_beam.png (2.22 MB) keMoN, 21.08.2018 21:21


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