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Team-specific activate stages for all triggers

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Currently only func_invsible_user support "activate <axis|allies>".
With this you can set different activation sequences per team for each trigger. This is quite a handy feature as it can save trigger blocks inside an entity which are limited to 196. (Sounds a lot, but for escortables are actually quite restrictive). It can also save the need for having one trigger (eg trigger_multiple) for either team.

For example the tug in Railgun. There are two trigger_multiples. One of which is axis_only and the other one is allies_only. They obviously do the same, but move the tug into opposite directions. This could be handled with one trigger easily.

That functionality is actually already listed (falsely) on Chruker’s list

Obviously, maps with that will break compatibility, but like with all of these requests, it’s the responsibility of the mapper to decide. We should however, provide the functionality in my opinion.

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Related to ET: Legacy Development - Feature #948: Allow activation sounds for all triggers New 22.09.2016

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game: add team-specific activate stages for multi_trigger fixes #1105


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