Bug #1122

include forcetapout in grenade / artillary explosion

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Target version:2.77
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When waiting for a revive and being exploded, it often feels like the gib animation has to play out completely before actually entering limbo queue for next spawn.
This results in a full spawn timer when gibbed at ~0.5-1 sec on the spawn timer.

Same thing for when you get killed without a gib and you cant tap out with spacebar for around a second unless you use /forcetapout.
It feels like the game won’t let you tap-out even though you’re gibbed.

At the moment you need to press space bar quickly to tap-out and avoid full spawn timer, but most of the time you just go on full since animation needs to be played before and with death with gibs you cant do anything. You will always be full everytime you die at around 1 sec even with 0 ping, so it has nothing to do with sv_fps or latency.

See the video for a better explanation.
Respawning should have priority over the gib animation playing out. Prioirty order is messed up

spawn queue.mp4 (1.21 MB) keMoN, 29.10.2018 16:56


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This might be important for comp, should be checked asap.

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