Bug #1130

Crash on resolution change

Added by Spyhawk 9 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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ow, it crashed on resolution change


#1 Updated by WuTangH 9 months ago

The game crashes without any error messages while it is trying to load any new resolutions, even the one that was used before and worked fine.
The crash happens when the loading is complete and the map enviroment should show up.
However, it happens only on server. In menu or devmap mode, resolution changes dont make any issues.

The crash happend on Legacy mod, and seems to be always reproduce-able (Cannot change to any resolution while on server..).

#2 Updated by IR4T4 9 months ago

@WuTangH how did you set it? Via menu, console? Let us know the exact steps to reproduce.

#3 Updated by WuTangH 9 months ago

The crash happens whenever I set resolution in menu or thru console. Also in custom resolution mode.

It should be reproducable like this:
  1. start ET:L client (win)
  2. connect to etlegacy.com server
  3. change resolution by menu or console
  4. the game do vid_restart and crash after loading the map.

Also, the computer is a laptop with integrated Intel graphics.

#4 Updated by Spyhawk 9 months ago

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This happens with a HD Graphics crad (Sandybridge gen). I cannot reproduce on a Sandybridge HD 3000 using the same driver.
Unfortunately, nothing we can do here.

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