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Add instant gibbing with knife from behind wounded player

Added by Bystry 11 months ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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Fast gibbing with knife is one of the most essential and desirable features in competitive play - it allows to eliminate wounded player from game fast and without wasting ammunition (of course by switching to knife, the player lets his guard down and exposes himself to other players, so it might be as well a double-edged sword). Moreover, it would complement the longer forcing into limbo with SMG, balancing the gibbing in general.

Discussion on discord and conclusions drawn from legacy competitive test matches indicate that there is a general desire for adding instant gibbing with knife from behind wounded player.

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Revision 33eed9cd
Added by IR4T4 10 months ago

mod: Add instant gibbing of wounded players with knife from behind refs

Revision 25eebf3f
Added by Spyhawk 9 months ago

game: fixed clang warning, refs #1168


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The ability of full gibbing with knife is related to covert ops skill "Assassin" when knife attacks are done from behind. It doesn’t matter which class is selected but If this skill isn’t reached the damage Impact of a target player is about 104 HP. The old code did allow these attacks only when the target player HP was below 0.

I’ve changed the code so there is an 'instagib’ of wounded players when the skill is reached - otherwise the damage is still about 104 HP.
It’s one good more reason to play the covert ops and reaching the skill.

Side notes: Covert ops knife damage for common hits is multiplied by 2. The damage of knife has a tiny random add of max. 4 HP for all hits.

#3 Updated by ryven 10 months ago

You are missing one essential point over here ir4, competitive play happens with out skills system, hence no one ever gonna achieve the assassin skill, and be able to use it to instagib wounded player from a certain angle.

#4 Updated by IR4T4 10 months ago

... and we are in trouble ... SK_MILITARY_INTELLIGENCE_AND_SCOPED_WEAPONS 4 wouldn’t have any feature for the players anymore. On the other hand this would explain the strange code with this 104 HP damage - it is intended to always gib from behind.

What kind of feature should be given by this skill 4 instead?

#5 Updated by Spyhawk 10 months ago

IR4T4 wrote:

What kind of feature should be given by this skill 4 instead?

I really don’t think we should alter the gameplay here. Rather, a comp cvar for damage might be a better idea (public config = same as current, comp config = modified damage done from behind).

#6 Updated by ryven 10 months ago

You can leave insta backstab with the knife for level 4 as it was originally, but also allow anyone to insta gib wounded players from the "back", as it works in etpro (etmain?). I mean level 4 worked fine as it was in vanilla I guess, might not need to add anything more to it, or at least something better than making insta gib exclusive to it.

#7 Updated by ryven 10 months ago

This is how gibbing from behind looks like, so we would be on the same page https://youtu.be/izFtqbNv-C4?t=43

#8 Updated by Bystry 10 months ago

I forgot to mention it in description, the gibbing should be done with 2 knife hits, exactly like shown in the link posted by ryven.

#9 Updated by IR4T4 10 months ago

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Alright, we can keep the code as it is. For non skilled players there is this damage of 104 and two attacks from behind will send the player into limbo death. Before we didn’t reach that code - it was only done for health > 0.
For SK_MILITARY_INTELLIGENCE_AND_SCOPED_WEAPONS 4 skilled players there is only one hit required which is similar to the behaviour with positive HPs.

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