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Add human players count of all servers to server browser

Added by Spyhawk 11 months ago.

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Since #271 was implemented, the server browser display human players for all ET:Legacy servers.
It would be nice to get these number for all servers too. ET:L servers send an extra value for this, but this could be done by discounting all players with zero (0) ping which are usually bots.

Also, as Legacy browser might become the entry point for all players, this feature could be exploited to show off fake human players to attract players. With facade and redirection disabled by default, shady admins could use this as a workaround. And if they could do it, they will.

Since we can’t trust the data sent by servers, here is a workaround:
  • make it non-default and tie it to ui_serverBroserSettings
  • display human count players of Legacy mod only by default, rather than all ET:L servers as done currently.

The second point is a middle ground to render this feature still somewhat useful, while putting severe obstacle to anyone thinking about detourning the feature.
All major mods (nq, silent, jaymod, ..) have been exploited with facade already, and by enabling it by default for Legacy mod only, the surface attack would be reduced.
The only way to deturn it would be either using Legacy mod or masquerading as Legacy mod (the latter would being a somewhat useless possibility).

We could either display humans by default for all servers once we find a way to easily whitelist servers later, or reduce the feature to no server at all by default depending on what we observe in the future.

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ui: display humans count on Legacy mod only by default, refs #1171


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