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Reduce damage and knock-back dealt by grenades/rifle grenades/explosives

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Discussion between players resulted in the conclusion that currently the damage and knock-back from explosives, even though it wasn’t changed in relation to vanilla, is too big. This results in very frequent kills and multi kills (2-3 players) with grenades and rifle grenades in situations when they shouldn’t happen and leads to a situation where grenades become very powerful and important weapon, whereas they should be only additional and supplementary to SMG, aiming skills and teamplay . Rifle grenades are too power as well (good example is the damage count after matches). Moreover, it increases spam and the dependance on it (too heavy spam from axis team while pushing before respawn). The knock-back from explosives is too big as well, as it often throws players off too far.

In ETPro probably the damage and knock-back was reduced at some point. I intentionally played some ETPro recently as well as I rely on the feedback given by regular ETPro players.

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See etpro_RadiusDamage (which isn’t used for these kind of missiles).

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