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Increase slightly the height of wounded player's hitbox

Added by Bystry about 1 month ago. Updated 26 days ago.

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Discussion between players resulted in the conclusion that currently the healing of wounded players is too hard, as players very frequently fail to heal, in situations when they feel they should succeed. Players often have to try 2-3 times before finally the syringe hits the hitbox. Coupled with the long syringe hit interval, it leads to situation when one dies too often when trying to heal wounded players.

Now, I wasn’t able to check ETPro’s hitboxes, I didn’t find a CVAR for it (g_debugbullets 8 only works for body hitbox for players alive), so I don’t know the exact height of ETPro’s hitbox, probably they are the same as vanilla . But since afaik legacy is not aiming to be 1:1 ETPro’s copy, maybe the height could be increased just slightly, say to 150% of current height. This would make healing with syringe easier and at the same time the size of the hitbox would be still reasonable.

2019-01-17-213246-supply.jpg - Legacy (98.2 KB) Bystry, 18.01.2019 14:02

dead_bug.jpg - Vanilla (166 KB) Bystry, 18.01.2019 14:03


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Related to ET: Legacy Development - Feature #198: All new hitbox and bounding box system New 10.02.2013


#1 Updated by Spyhawk about 1 month ago

Yes, etpro hitboxes are vanilla here.
See the last pic on this article

#2 Updated by Spyhawk about 1 month ago

  • Related to Feature #198: All new hitbox and bounding box system added

#3 Updated by Spyhawk about 1 month ago

  • Tracker changed from Bug to Feature

#4 Updated by Spyhawk about 1 month ago

  • Category set to Mod generic

#5 Updated by Spyhawk 26 days ago

  • rework the hitbox display for easier debugging (see in #198)
  • check if dead players have a legs hitbox (like prone) of if it is missing. If it’s not present, this is an obvious way to improve healing with syringue.

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