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Fix or hide message saying "Dropping refEntity" during map

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When playing, I often get this messaged flooded in the console for a second, but I can’t say if it happens only in certain maps and when/how it is triggered.
WARNING RE_AddRefEntityToScene: Dropping refEntity, reached MAX_REFENTITIES
(See also attached screenshot.)
I’ve seen this message in v2base_te, caen2 and certainly more maps (I could make new screenshots when I see it and edit the list if needed).

It’s coming from here:

   if (r_numentities >= MAX_REFENTITIES)
        // we may change this to developer print
        Ren_Print("WARNING RE_AddRefEntityToScene: Dropping refEntity, reached MAX_REFENTITIES\n");

I don’t think it’s relevant to the issue (so not editing the issue settings), but I’m playing on a server with nitmod, with the client ET Legacy v2.76 (also happening on 2.75 of course) built for Linux 32-bit x86 (self build but it happens on official build of v2.75 too). I’m using the default renderer (but all renderers should be affected).

19-01-27-21-12-34-093845143.png - v2base_te (2.13 MB) Exagone313, 31.01.2019 23:33


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renderers: change warning of RE_AddRefEntityToScene to dev print fixes


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Exagone313 my friend ...

I can’t reproduce the issue with 64 !!! connected bots on legacy mod and a fixed v2base_te mapscript.
Even with g_dropHealth/Ammo 3 I couldn’t get more than 700 refents per scene ...

So what’s going on? I do assume this is caused by something in the mod or server. In fact I dunno both configs and other internals so it’s just my first impression ... but the server you did point to in above image is using a facade and is highly customized. You really want to play with fire - perhaps here is one result.

I’ve changed the print to developer only. The issue doesn’t occure with the legacy mod.

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