Bug #1203

Random switching of weapons

Added by Timothy about 1 month ago. Updated 13 days ago.

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Category:Mod CGAME
Target version:2.77
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When a player picks up ammo or a gun, sometimes the weapon is switched without the intention to do so. Haven’t been able to figure out the exact conditions for this to happen.

Related issues

Related to ET: Legacy Development - Bug #804: Fix restrictions Feedback 31.01.2015

Associated revisions

Revision e1ae3877
Added by Aranud about 1 month ago

game: fix overwriting of ammo count instead of add at spawning

And make generic misc weapon add on upgrade skill

Revision dea351a6
Added by Aranud about 1 month ago

cgame: fix weapon alt reloads was deleted by accident ...

Revision b0ec96d0
Added by Aranud 21 days ago

mod: simplify satchel ammo usage


#1 Updated by IR4T4 about 1 month ago

  • Related to Bug #804: Fix restrictions added

#2 Updated by Spyhawk 20 days ago

  • Priority changed from Normal to Urgent

#3 Updated by Spyhawk 15 days ago

  • Status changed from Confirmed to Feedback
  • % Done changed from 0 to 50

The issue doesn’t seem to appear again on the dev server running latest master. Some minor changes were done, maybe they fixed the issue.

#4 Updated by IR4T4 13 days ago

We should restrict weapons and have real players on the server to test this issue. The behaviour when bots are connected is different related to weapon restrictions. There is a line in the code where bots are able to select a weapon even when this is restricted (to avoid an endless loop).

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