Bug #1207

Make spread consistent with map surface

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From discord:

[23:11] miraya: So it still is random but now you have added a checkup to see if the weapon is scoped?
[23:12] miraya: Glad it isn’t patterned, but a slight suggestion would be
[23:13] miraya: I don’t know if it’s already fixed or not, on etvanilla whenever you move from a flatsurface (map perspective, not client) the spreadscale is already maxed out
[23:13] miraya: Removing or reducing it would at least greatly improve gameplay
[23:15] miraya: Because it gives the defending team an unfair advantage, for example goldrush and frostbite greatly suffer from this coding
[23:16] miraya: They are already at a standing position (the defending team) so as you around the map, if you even hit a slight upward surface you’re accuracy is gone
[23:17] miraya: Also any objects pushing you → truck → tank → artillery, mortar etc
[23:18] miraya: In most cases maxes out your spread depending on your original position (flat surface vs curved surface)

Sound like something interesting to implement.


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I actually cannot reproduce this issue. I’m playing with a crosshair that displays spread (by changing size), and I cannot see any difference with flat vs slanted surfaces.

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This either is invalid, or has been fixed a long time ago.
See `Adjust aimspreadscale each PmoveSingle` in 2.71 changelog, which might be related (edit: this is unrelated. Cannot reproduce the issue on etmain either).

Closing now.

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