Bug #1209

Region hits don't take non headshot weapon into account

Added by Spyhawk 8 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Beside the hitboxes, there is an internal system that tracks hit on model regions (by creating temp entities).
These hits are used to display a "region hit" heat map on the debriefing screen.

However, these don’t register/log hits when they are by non-headhot weapons, so region hits stats are inaccurate.

See the return in IsHeadShot, IsArmShot, IsLegShot.

if (!GetMODTableData(mod)→isHeadshot) {
return qfalse;

ToDo: expand the debug hitbox system so these region are displayed (if possible).
Might be also useful to create better "hitboxes" later in the future.

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Related to ET: Legacy Development - Feature #198: All new hitbox and bounding box system New 10.02.2013


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I have had a closer look at this. The code is correct. Reagion hits are only designed for hs weapons and the last case in G_Damage is the body hit case. Head & co checks are returning qfalse for non hs weapons.

#3 Updated by Aranud about 1 month ago

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